Shri Manohar Lal

Hon’ble Chief Minister

Shri Kanwar Pal

Hon’ble Education Minister

Shri Vijayendra Kumar, IAS

Principal Secretary Higher Education, Haryana

Shri Rajiv Rattan, IAS

Director Higher Education, Haryana


The Department of Higher Education, Haryana has started an initiative by the name of Medhavi, to cater to the needs of those specific students in Haryana who aspire to pursue public services. Public Services is an abundant sector which recruits efficient and competent candidates every year. However, certain capable students do not get the chance to apply for the opportunities due to unavailability of apt resources for study. This initiative of the Department of Higher Education, Haryana in collaboration with Chetan Bharat Learning and Abhyudaya Communications Pvt. Ltd., shall provide free coaching of exams like HCS. The students of Haryana shall receive the help that they require through free study material streaming on YouTube and the website.

The students shall also be able to download lectures, directly from the website. With the best faculty from Chetan Bharat Learning, the students will gain an opportunity to attain quality education. The students are also given a provision to get their queries resolved with 24X7 enabled student support helpline.

The initiative covers a number of courses such as UPSC Civil Services, Engineering related exams, Haryana Govt. related exams, Banking/SSC, and many more.

Medhavi is an initiative organized by the Department to bring about an evolution in the field of education, availing free of cost coaching to the students.

About Chetan Bharat Learning Private Limited

There is a hidden scientist like Einstein, a painter like Picasso, Poet like Harivansh Rai Bachhan, Mathematician like Aryabhatt, Playwright like Shakespeare, and an Economist & Philosopher like Chanakya in every child but they are often misguided and couldn't perform to their full potential. All we need is to nourish, enhance, and harness that skill.

Keeping this philosophy as our motto, we have started, CHETAN BHARAT LEARNING, which aims at bringing revolutionary changes in the education sector.

Our Courses

In line with our philosophy of quality education made accessible at affordable prices, we aim to holistically reform the education sector. We are presently involved in the following fields:

UPSC Civil Services Exam Comprehensive Course

Punjab and other State Civil Services Exams courses

Preparatory courses for various exams conducted by Union & State Public Service Commissions, Railways, SSC etc.

Defence Entrance Exams like CDS, AFCAT, INET, CAPF etc.

School Education

Computer Programming for students.

Career Counselling and Mentorship Programmes.

Government of Haryana - CBL Collaboration

The Government of Haryana has decided to help the youth graduates of Haryana to enable them to compete in the prestigious examination HPSC HCS (Executive) 2021 by providing free online classes. In this endeavour, CBL is collaborating with the Haryana Government and is offering its expertise in providing quality online education particularly in the field of civil services preparatory course. The entire content will be prepared and delivered free of cost by the expert faculty of Chetan Bharat Learning.

In this context, CBL would provide the following:

  • Completely free online coaching for HPSC HCS Exam 2021 for all the youth graduates of Haryana.
  • The entire syllabus of the Exam including all its stages – Preliminary Exam, Main Exam as well as interview Stage.
  • The Study Material in pdf format will be provided to all the students free of cost.
  • The Complete Test Series including the Prelims Test Series and the Mains Test Series will be included in the package.
  • Special attention will be paid to preparing the candidates for the interview stage, including arranging the Mock Interviews.

We wish all the students Best of Luck in their journey of preparation for government exams.

The only reward we seek for our efforts is the upliftment of all the sections of society by spreading the light of education and helping to open the door of opportunity to all those who might have felt hitherto constrained. The success and satisfaction of our students is our best testimony.